How to find a matched donor?

Those patients who are suffering from blood cancer (Leukemia & Lymphoma) and blood disorders (Thalassemia, Aplastic Anemia etc.) needs a stem cell transplant or bone marrow transplant for permanent cure of their disease. So, you can suggest to those patients to reach out to us.

Send request to find a donor

Donor search process

  • Patient's HLA typing report sent to GeneBandhu including the contact details of physiscian.
  • GeneBandhu search in database if the matches found, inform the same to transplant physiscian.
  • If no match found in GeneBandhu database, GeneBandhu can search in International database on request.
  • If yes, GeneBandhu communicate with that registry.
  • Helps with confirmatory typing, Health check-up, mobilization and donation of stem cells of the donor and transport of the cells to transplant cntre
  • All the work-up is planned under guidance of physician.

Patients Story

Tejveer Singh, a very bright and loving child from district Hissar, Haryana had a very promising future. He was one of the top students in his school and had the ambition to represent India at the Olympics as a wrestler. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with blood cancer and his dream started to fade away in front of his eyes. He was required to undergo a bone marrow transplant to save his life. His family especially his mother could not believe that her beloved young son’s life was in danger. Singh's family did everything possible to cure their child. A family drive was conducted to find a match for Tejveer but no one from the family matched. Their search leads them to connect with GENEBANDHU and with the grace of God, he found his voluntary unrelated stem cell donor in GENEBANDHU’s database.

Aarhaan at the age of 3 years wants to play and enjoy childhood with their friends but he couldn't as he is suffering from Thalassemia Major which has created a tragedy in the family. With lots of hope, their parents started searching for a match for stem cell transplant. Jaspreet Singh who believes that serving to others will give the satisfaction in life has approached the family through GeneBandhu and donated the stem cells which save the life of him.



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